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NEGIN ARA Company has started its activity in the field of food and hygiene broadcasting in all sales channels with more focus on retail in 2014. NEGINARA Company,is the one of the most prestigious food and hygiene companies in the Iran, which has gained a special place in distribution
BORNA SADERAT NEGIN is one of the active service companies in the field of trading, import and export in the country.The company has become a reputable export and import company with its management and experienced experts. BORNA SADERAT NEGIN Ccompany has been able to provide a variety of commercial services, including domestic, international, shipping and consulting to commercial and industrial companies.
negin ara holding


We are a leading export and import company, we provide customized solutions for every customer

Our company has been created with the aim of providing business services in various industries such as food, health and construction based on the experience of its managers.

Professional law and ethics are the prestige of our work.

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We provide the best service.

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Negin Ara Holding, carrying out all commercial and commercial activities, including production, distribution and packaging of all products of the mosaic and construction materials of and industries affiliated and qualities and plastics and cotton, agricultural products, such as fertilizers VSM, vadoat agricultural production, packaging and distribution of products Healthy food, such as tea and flavored coffee bean and dried fruits and dry vegetables وکامبوجا and rice honey paddy and vegetable oils and the design, production, construction and assembly of all industrial machinery and industrial parts and designing, equipping and launching production lines for industrial machinery and life And automation, building and supply and import of parts, equipment, supply of human resources required by the company, design and manufacture of all activities in the field of industrial greenhouses in order to sell packaging goods, export and import all the above products zekr.